December 16, 1771

To be Sold on reaſonable Terms, for
Caſh or Credit, on good Security, or partly in Exhange for a ſmaller Veſſel.
A well-built Ship, 185 Tons, well
found, has been only one Voyage, and has the character of a very faſt Sailer. Inquire of Forteſque Vernon,
Who has to ſell CHEAP,
Engliſh, Ruſſia and Ravens Duck,
Ticklengburgs, Oznabrigs, Iriſh Linnen, Checks, Sheeting, Table Linnen, Cambrick, Lawns, Dowlas, Cotton Velvets, Broad Cloths & Shalloons, Durants, Tammies, Camblets, Ruſſells, &c. &c. Likewiſe, Hemp and Cordage, Lines and Hooks, Sheet and Bar Lead, German Steel, 4d. 6d. 10d. 20d. & 24d. Nails, Brads, 15, 18 and 21 Inch and ſhort Pipes by the Box, Bolt Rope, Twine and Sail Needles, New-England and old Weſt-India Rum, Sugar and Molaſſes, Engliſh Pump Leather and Nails, choice Dumb Fiſh, Salt, Kerſeys, Half Thicks, Duffils, Ratteens, and ſundry other Articles.

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