December 16, 1771

T O   B E   S O L D   B Y
Amorys & Taylor,
At their Store in King-Street, oppoſite the Cuſton Houſe,
A very large and compleat Aſſortment
A L S O,
Of all Prices, extremely cheap,
Gunpowder warranted to be of the beſt Quality.
Window Glaſs, 7 by 5, 6 by 8, 7 by 9, and 10 by 8.

Genuine Kippen's Snuff,
Bohea Tea and Spices,
Writing Paper of all Sorts,
Bibles and Account Books
A Variety of Cutlery and other Hard Ware Goods. As they conſtantly keep by them a large Aſſortment of almoſt every Kind of Goods uſually imported from Great-Britain, and have them immediately from the Manufacturers——Country Shopkeepers may be ſupplied at any Time with what Goods they want, and on as low Terms as at any Store in BOSTON.——Town Shopkeepers alſo, who uſually import their Goods, may have them on ſuch Terms as may anſwer them as well as importing.

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