December 23, 1771

Imported in the laſt Ships from LONDON, by Jonathan Williams, jun.
An Elegant Aſſortment of ſuperfine and other B  R  O  A  D    C  L  O  T  H  S,
With proper Linings & Trimings, compleatly match'd by the Makers in England—Which are to be Sold, together with a neat Aſſortment of ENGLISH and INDIA GOODS in general, at his Ship in Ann Street, below the Draw-Bridge, and directly oppoſite the Drum Maker's, at the head of Barrett's Wharff, at the very loweſt Rates, for
R E A D Y   M O N E Y   O N L Y.
   Thoſe Persons who pleaſe to favour him with their Cuſtom, may depand on the beſt Uſage, and the Obligation gratefully acknowledged.

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