December 9, 1771

Richard Salter,
And to be Sold at his Shop in Cornhill, BOSTON,
Extreamly Cheap, by Wholeſale and Retail,
A fine Aſſortment of Winter Goods, Among which are, Very handſome Furr Muffs with and without Tippets, mill'd Gloves and Caps, 7 4, 8 4 and 9-4 Blankets, ſtrip'd Duffle ditto, ſuperfine 6 4 Lamb&#3kins for Surtuits, crimſon, green and black fine Hair Pluſhes, a fine Aſſortment of Cotton Velvets ½-ell wide wove with a Wale, Womens black Silk Velvets, Velvet for Capes of moſt Colors, together with moſt Sorts of Goods for Mens & Womens Wear. Alſo, Cinnamon, Mace, Cloves and Nutmegs, Pepper, choice Bohea Tea, Writing Paper, Ink-Powder, &c. Alſo the beſt Lynn-made Shoes as uſual.

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