December 30, 1771

IMPORTED in the Ship Boſcawen, and to be Sold
By Jonas Clark,
Next Door Mr. William Greenleaf, fronting Cornhill.
A    Freſh    Aſſortment    of    Goods,    ſuitable
for the Seaſon, among which are, a Variety of Broad Cloths, ſuperfine Midling & Drabs, with ſuitable Trimmings for the ſame, Bath Bevers, Drapery and Colcheſter Bays, Blankets, Coatings, Durants, Tammies and Shalloons, of all Colours, and Calamancoes, ſuperfine Hairbinds, Silk Sagathees, double Allopeens, beſt double Camblets, plain and ſtrip'd Cambleteens, Hoſiery, black and colour'd Sattins, black and colour'd ſprigg'd and ſpotted Modes, with a Variety of other Articles, too many to be enumerated ; all which he is determin'd to ſell by Wholeſale or Retail, at the loweſt Rates for Caſh only.
   ALSO ſundry Spices, as Pepper, Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace, &c. &c.
A General Aſſortment of Engliſh Goods
will be ſold exceedingly cheap as uſual, at his Shop in Cornhill, Boſton.

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