December 23, 1771

To be Let, and enter'd upon immediately,
A   Houſe   and   Potter's   Kiln   at
New-Boſton, with the beſt Accomodations of all Kinds for carrying on the Earthen Ware Buſineſs, and has Conveniences which with very little Expence of Wood will enable the Improver to purſue the Buſineſs in the coldeſt Weather, with as great Advantage as in the Summer. A large Quantity of the beſt Long-Iſland and Martha's Vinyard Clay, will be ſold to the Perſon who hires the Works, for Caſh, or ſix Months Credit if more agreeable to the Purchaſer. If deſired by the Perſon who improves the Works, a Part of the Building, which is very large, will be fitted to accommodate a ſmall Family.
Enquire of Edes & Gill.  

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