December 16, 1771

Pot-Aſh   Kettles
Lately Receiv'd from Hanover, in this Province,
And to be Sold by
Benjamin Andrews, Jun.
Oppoſite the Swing-Bridge,
Caſt from the beſt Bog Ore, equal in
Quality to thoſe made in any other Provice, in America ; warranted to make as large a Quantity of Pot-Aſh, and to fetch as much when render'd unfit for boiling ; not for the Purpoſe of making Bar Iron (as he preſumes thoſe made of either Bog or Mountain Ore, after being impregnated with the Alkali of Aſes, are unſuitable for that Uſe) but for a ſecond Caſting in the Furnaces ;—He has diſposed of a great Number, made from the ſsame Patterns, (which are two Inches thick in every part expoſed to the Fire) and has not received a ſingle Complaint.
   He has likewiſe for Sale, Pot Aſh Coolers, a full aſſortment of Caſt Iron Ware, Philadelphia ſuperfine and common Flour, New-England Rum, 8d. 10d. and 20s. Nails, Ruſſia Duck, Sewing Twine, Copperas, Allum, Redwood, choice Table Fiſh, and a ſmall aſſortment of Engliſh Goods.
Said Andrews has to Let a convenient
Brick Warehouſe, on the South Side the Town-Dock ſuitable for either Engliſh or Weſt-India Goods.

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