December 9, 1771

Imported in the laſt Ships from LONDON, by
John Auſtin, jun.
And to be Sold at his Shop in Charleſtown, near the Pot-Aſh Works,
A large and freſh Aſſortment of En-
gliſh, India and Scotch Goods,
Which he is determined to ſell as cheap as any one in the Provice, for Caſh only, vis.
CRimſon, ſcarlet, blue, drab, chocolate, claret, cinnamon and other colour'd broad-cloths, with trimmings to match the ſame, forreſt cloths, german ſerges, Devonſhire kerſeys, lambſkin, Bath beavers, green and mix'd knapt beaver coating, crimſon, pink and green Colcheſter bays, white flannel, emboſs'd ſerge, ſuperfine black cotton velvet, dark and olive-colour'd velverets, crimſon hair pluſh, black and cloth-coloured drawboys, black everlaſtings, plain black ruſſel, crimſon, green and cloth-coloured ſuperfine broad damaſk, flower'd ruſſells, pink and brown grizetts, brown camblets, plain and ſtriped cambleteens, hungarian and Queen ſtuff, callimancoes, tammies and durants of all colours, ſhalloons, 3 and 4-threaded breeches pieces of all colours, mens and womens worſted and cotton hoſe, mens and womens ſuperfine thread gloves, womens black ſilk gloves, ſilk and worſted mitts of all colours, bath lamb mitts and womens coloured gloves, white and black plain and figured gauze, white and black catgut, white pariſnet, 6 4 muſlin, ſilk linnen and gauze handkerchiefs, brocaded clogs and galoſhoes, black taffaty, black and cloth-coloured ell-wide perſians, black white and blue ſarſnet, yard wide black alamode, black white and blue plain and figured ſattins, black figured modes, black ſcarlet pink and white ſnail trimmings, black bone and blond laces, 3 4, 7-8 and yard wide Iriſh linnen, lawns and cambricks, callico & chints, ſtiped holland,cotton checks of all widths, fine & coarſe bedtick, dowlaſs, oznabrigs, yellow holland, yellow canvas, buckrams, fine ſewing ſilks of all colours, ſilk twiſt, ſilk and hair, crewels of all colours, dlk knee garters, coat, ſhoe and quality binding, ſilk ferrets, ribbons, death-head and baſket buttons, metal and plated ditto, ſhirt buttons, tapes of all widths, white and coloured threads, cap wire, pins, needles, fans, necklaces, combs, chip hats, hatters trimmings of the neweſt faſhion, childrens red Morocco ſhoes, fine and coarſe ſieve-bottoms, Loaf Sugar, Cotton-wool &c.

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