December 23, 1771

Notice    is    hereby    given,    That    the
Co-partnerſhip between Hannah and Hepzibah Carnes is mutually diſſolved, and that HANNAH CARNES has removed to the Shop oppoſite to Mr. Cranch the Watch-Maker, near the Mill-Bridge, where ſhe has to ſell, a large and compleat aſſortment of Millenary and Peice [sic] Goods of a general aſſortment, viz. Book Muſlin, 6-4 and yard-wide, Blond Lace and Queens-Gauze, rich flower'd and plain ſpotted and Lace Sattins, Silk Gloves and Mitts of all ſorts, and a general aſſortment for the Ladies, too many to be enumerated.—She continues to carry on the making of all kins of Hats, Bonnets, Caps, Cloaks, &c. as uſual.—Bohea Tea by the Dozen or ſmall Quantity. Thoſe who pleaſe to favour her with their Cuſtom, will be gratefully obliged.

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