December 16, 1771

Cox & Berry
At their Store near the Britiſh Coffee-Houſe in King Street, have Imported in the laſt Ships from London,
A Great Variety of Articles,
Amongſt which are the following,
A   large   and   valuable   Aſſortment   of
Jewellery, conſiſting of Paſte, garnet, marcalite Necklaces and Earings, Solitaires, Sprigs and Pins, paſſe and chryſtal Shoe, Knee and Stock Buckles of all Prices, Diamond, Emerald, Amethyſt, Moco and Garnet Rings; Paſte, Garnet & Marcaſite Broaches, Tortoiſhell Combs ſet with Paſte and Marcaſites, a great Variety of Lockets ſet in Gold, Silver and Pinchbeck, Garnet, Moco and Chryſtal Sleeve Buttons ſet in Gold & Silver, Cornelian and Onyx Seals ſet in Gold ; a great Variety of Plate, as Tankards, Coffee-Pots, Cans, Waiters, Frames and Caſtors, Sugar Baſkets, Punch Strainers, Cream Pails, Pepper Caſtors, Cream Ewers and Urns, Salts, Wine Funnels, Sauce Boats & Ladles, Tureen Ladles, Table and Tea Spoons, Salt Ladles and Shovels, Punch Ladles, ſilver, gilt, plain and chas'd Corrals, Spring Tea Tongs, Decanter Labels, Decanter Corks with Silver Tops, Silver Thimbles, Nutmeg Graters ; a great Variety of Silver Buckles, Silver-mounted Swords and Hangers, Etwee and Pencil Caſes, Silver, Snake and Jack Watch Chains, Sciſſar Chains, Silver-mounted Snuff Boxes, Gold Stock Buckles, plated, Tea Urns, Coffee Pots, Tankards, Cans, Candleſticks, Frames & Caſtors, Waiters, Bottle Stands, Sugar Baſkets, Sauce Boats, Ink Stands, Spurs, Buckles, Stands, Salts, Candleſticks, Snuffers & Stands, Japan'd Tea Urns, Plate Warmers, Tea Trays, Waiters of all Sizes, Candleſticks, Coffee Pots, Tea Cheſts, Ink Stands, Comb Trays, Quadrille Pools, Bread Baſkets, Tea Tongs, Bottle Tickets.
   A few Neat Cheſts of Joiners Tools for Gentlemens uſe. Silver and Ivory Handle Table Knives and Forks in Mahogany and Shagreen Caſes, Penknives, Razors and Shaving Boxes compleat, Money Scales and Weights, Horn Snakes, Spectacles, Paper ſnuff Boxes, Tooth Pick Caſes, Corkſcrews, Nails and Sugar Knippers, Canes and Rattans, Flutes and Fifes, Pincheck Buckles of all Kinds, Steel Watch Chains, Sword Hooks, Chains and Swivels, Pocket Piſtols, Sword and Hanger Blades, Muſic Wire ; a Variety of Articles for Watchmakers, chas'd and plain Gold Horizontal Watches, Silver and Pinchbeck of moſt Sorts, wide and narow Gold and Silver Laces, Knee Garters and Hat Loops, Gold and Silver Twiſt Buttons, Cord and Thread, yellow and white Tinſel Laces, Buttons and Loops, a Quantity of Broad Cloths at the Sterling Coſt. Liewiſe a few Pieces of Buntings for Ships Colours.
A    L    S    O,
A   General   Aſſortment   of   Books,   In
Law, Phyſic, Hiſtory & Divinity, School Books, Bibles and Prayer Books, Seaman's Books, and little Books for Children.
   A compleat Aſſortment of Stationary, viz.
      Writing Paper of all Sorts,
      Account Books.
   A great Variety of Pocket Books, Ivory, Tortoiſhell and Aſs-ſkin, Memorandum Books, Ink Powder and Patent Cake Ink, Quills, Sealing Wax and Wafers, Ink Cheſts, black and red Pencils, Scales and Compaſſes, with many other Articles no inſerted. The whole making as great a Variety as is to be found at any Store in the Town, and will be Sold on as low Terms.
  N. B. The utmoſt Value given for Old Gold and Silver Lace.

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