December 30, 1771

Juſt imported by the Capts. Robſon and Jenkins, and to be ſold by
Samuel Fletcher,
Very cheap for Caſh,
A new and freſh aſſortment of Winter Goods, viz.
Scarlet, Black, Blue, Pompadore,
Chocolate, mix'd and cloth coloured Broad Cloths with Tammies, Blue and Cloth coloured Kerſeys, German Serges, Colcheſter and Drapery Baize, 3-4, 7-8, and yard-wide Checks, Pound Silks of all colours, Durants, Tammies, Callamancoes, and Shalloons of all colours, Iriſh Linnens, Luteſtrings, Cambricks, Bearſkins, a very fine aſſortment of Stockings, Downlaſs, Oznagrigs, Ticklenburg, Duck, Furniture for Beds, Callicoes, Warming and Frying Pans, Locks, Hinges, Saws, Spades, Shovels, fire Shovel and Tongs, & ſundry Braziery Ware, alſo Glaſs and China Ware, Blue and White Bunting, Blankets, Ratteens, and many other articles too tedious to mention ; all ſold at the loweſt allowance for Caſh only by Wholeſale.
   N. B. Said Fletcher will give Caſh for 40,000 ſquare Edge White Oak Boards.

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