January 13, 1772

Whereas the Houſe of the Sub- 
ſcriber was, in the Night between the 8th and the 9th Inſtant broke open, and the following Articles ſtolen from thence, viz. A Pair of black worſted Stockings, a ſpotted Silk Handkerchief, a Pair of grey yarn Gloves, and between Five and Six Pounds old Tenor in Coppers.—Whoever ſhall apprehend the Thief or Thieves, ſo that he or they may be bro't to Juſtice, ſhall have TWENTY DOLLARS Reward.
    Cambridge, January 11, 1772.
  N. B. The Thief is tho't by ſome Circumſtances to be a Negro of a middling Stature, about Twenty Years of Age ; and 'tis deſired if any of the above Articles ſhould be found on ſuch a Perſon, he may be apprehended.

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