January 20, 1772

Exceeding Cheap for CASH,
Herman & Andrew Brimmer,
At their Shop next Door to the Sign of the Lamb, S. E d,
By Wholeſale and Retail,
Being a General Aſſortment of Engliſh,
India and Scotch Goods, imported in the laſt Ships.
Among which are,
A Variety of Luteſtrings, Taffaties,
Paduſoys and Damaſks.
A Good Aſſortment of Hard & Cutlery
W A R E,
Handſome japan'd Tea Urns, Decanter Stands,
Neat poliſh'd Snuffers, ditto on Stands,
Table Bells, Quadrill Boxes and Pearl Fishes [?],
Handſome Muffs and Trimings
A few Pieces beſt Bedtick, Engliſh Goloſhoes, Clogs, and beſt Ruſſell Shoes and Pumps, Lynn ditto,
Spices of all Sorts, Bohea Tea,
Loaf Sugar by the Caſk or leſs,
Powder——Shott——Bar Lead,
Engliſh and German Steel,
Large Aſſortment of Mohair Baſket Buttons,
Plated, gilt and lacquer'd ditto,
Wax Taper Candles and Boxes,
6 by 8, 7 by 9, and 10 by 8 Taylor's Window Glaſs,
&c. &c. &c.

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