January 6, 1772

And Sold by Kneeland & Adams in Milk-Street,
The Following SERMONS, viz.
A SERMON preached September 25, 1771, by John Hunt, M. A. at his Ordination, and at the Inſtalment of the Rev. John Bacon, to the joint Paſtorial Charge of the South-Church in Boſton. To which is added, the Charge by the Rev. Dr. Chauncy, and the Right Hand of Fellowſhip by the Rev. Dr. Eliot.
A SERMON preached September 29th, 1771. By John Bacon, A. M. the next Lord's-Day after he was Inſtaled, and the Rev. Mr. John Hunt, A. M. Ordained, Colleague-Paſtors, of the South-Church in Boston.

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