January 20, 1772

A neat Aſſortment of Writing, Car-
tridge, Clothers and Bonnet Paper, Account Books, Dutch Quills, Holman's London Ink-Powder, &c. To be Sold cheaper than at any Store in Town,
At his Shop in Marlborough-Street, Boſton.
Where may alſo be had,
Every Kind of Piece Goods that are
uſually Imported from London, and much cheaper than they are commonly ſold, for the Caſh——Alſo an Aſſortment of Iriſh Linnen, Sheeting Hollands, Clouting Diaper, Diaper Table Cloths, and a few Pieces of very neat Mantua Silks, to be Sold for the Sterling Coſt and Charges.

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