January 27, 1772

T H O M A S   L E E,

At his Store near the Swing-Bridge, has imported in the Rockingham, juſt arrived from LONDON ;
SERGES of all Colours, Kerſeys and Flannels, which will be ſold unuſually cheap

S   I   L   K   S.

A beautiful Variety of LADIES SILKS, of almoſt every Kind
  Bruſſels and Mecklin Laces ; Gold and Silver Laces ; Gold and Silver rich Baſket Buttons.
  A large Aſſortment of ENGLISH GOODS, ſuitable for all Seaſons, at the loweſt Rates.
  IRISH LINNENS of all Widths and Prices, from 7s.6d. Old Tenor the Yard, per Piece, very cheap.
  Alſo, Paper Hangings, Powder, Shot, Bar-Lead, Ruſſia Ravens and Engliſh Duck, Oſnaburgs.
  †‡¶ Caſh given for BEES WAX.

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