January 6, 1772

John Cunningham,
HAS Imported by the Captains Hall, Brown & Robſon, a freſh and large Aſſortment of Engliſh and India Goods, ſuitable for the Seaſon ; which he will ſell by Wholeſale or Retail, very cheap for ready Money, at his Shop the ſecond North from School Street, near the Old South Meeting.

Among his Goods are the following.
Scarlet & other coloured Broad-Cloths,
with ſhalloons and trimmings, beaver coatings, lambſkins, baizes of all widths, duffils, emboſs'd ſerges, Devonſhire kerſeys, hair pluſhes, cotton velvets and velveretts, drawboys, everlaſtings, miſſinets, grizetts, Mecklinburgs, Iriſh and ſilk camblets, hairbines, camblets, plain ſtriped and clouded cambleteens, cinnamon-coloured & pink brolioes, black plain ruſſell, dorſetteens, callimancoes, tammies and durants of all colours, worſted grograms, bengals and peneaſcoes, Engliſh and India taffaty, rich crimſon and other coloured India damaſk, black paduſoy, perſians of moſt colours, plain ſprigg'd and flower'd ſatin, ſprigg'd, black and other coloured modes with ſuitable trimmings, Ruſſia linnens, Ruſſia diapers, Huckabucks from ½ ell to 8 4 wide, diaper table-cloths, ⅞ & ¼ dowlaſs, oznabrigs, ticklenburgs, cambricks and lawns, Iriſh and Ruſſia Sheetings, Iriſh linnens of all widths exceeding cheap, black and white plain gauze, ſewing ſilks, Womens neweſt faſhion Beaver gloves for winter, &c.

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