January 6, 1772

R AN-away from William Stewart of New-London, on the Night of the 27th of November laſt, an Indented Indian Servant, about 19 Years of Age, named Warren Taiſon, a luſty well-built Fellow. Had on when he went away, a dark-brown double-breaſted Jacket, lined with ſtriped Flannel, a Pair of blue Duffil Trowſers, check Flannel Shirt, and a blue Buff Cap. Carried off with him, a new Great Coat, & ſundry other Clothes. Whoever will apprehend ſaid Runaway, and bring him to his ſaid Maſter, or ſecure him ſo that he may be had, ſhall be handſomely rewarded therefor, by ſaid Stewart, and all neceſſary Charges paid beſides. Maſters of Veſſels, and others, are forbid ſecreting or carrying off ſaid Servant, as they'll anſwer it at their Peril,
   New-London, December 5, 1771.

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