January 27, 1772

Millenery Goods, &c.

At Mrs. Hooper's,
In Auchmuty's Lane near Liberty-Tree, Boſton.
A freſh Supply of the neweſt Kinds
MILLENERY GOODS, juſt received by the laſt Ships from London, and to be ſold very Cheap for ready Monday, conſiſting of very neat Bruſſels and Flanders Lappets, with Laces of all ſorts, neweſt faſhion Gauzes, Lawns, Muſlins, Ribbons, Silver Blond Lace, Italian Flowers, rich Brocades, plain and figur'd Luteſtrings, Mantuas and Ducapes, plain and laced Sattins of all Colours, genteel Muffs, Hats and Bonets, with a few ready-made Womens taſty Engliſh Caps, with all other Kinds Millenary Articles, &c.

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