January 13, 1772

Cox & Berry
At their Store near the Britiſh Coffee-Houſe in King-Street, may be had,
Modern Books of all Kinds, School Books, Prayer Books of various Sizes, and——
  The following Little Books for the Inſtruction and
    Amuſement of all good Boys and Girls.
Brother Gift, or the Naughty Girl Reformed.
Siſter Gift, or the Naughty Boy Reformed.
Hobby Horſe or Chriſtmas Companion.
Robbin Good Fellow, a Fairy Tale.
Puzzling Cap, a Collection of Riddles.
The Cries of London, as exhibited in the Streets.
Sugar Plump, or Eaſy Introduction to reading Engliſh.
Mr. Winlove's Collection of Stories.
—— ditto Moral Lectures.
Hiſtory of Tom Jones, ditto of Joſeph Andrew, abridg'd from the Works of H. Fielding.
Hiſtory of Pamela, ditto Gardiſon, ditto Clariſſa, abridg'd from the Works of S. Richardſon, Eſq;

Where likewiſe may be had,
Price only 12s. 6d. Old Tenor—
O   R
Wherein the Art of Dreſſing all Sorts of Viands with Cleanlineſs, Decency and Elegance, is explained in Five Hundred approved Receipts, in Roaſting, Boiling, Frying, Broiling, Gravies, Sauces, Stews, Haſhes, Soups, Fricaſſes, Ragoos, Paſties, Pies, Tarts, Cakes, Puddings, Syllabubs, Creams, Flummery, Jellies, Giams, and Cuſtards. Together with the beſt Methods of Potting, Colouring, Preſerving, Drying, Candying, Pickling and making Engliſh Wines. To which are prefixed, various Bills of Fare, for Dinners and Suppers in every Month of the Year ; and a copious Index to the Whole, by SUSANNAH CARTER, of London.
  N. B. Any Perſon, by attending to the Inſtructions given in this Book, may ſoon attain to a competent Knowledge in the Art of Cookery, &c.—And it likewiſe contains more in Quantity than moſt other Books of a much higher Price.

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